The Time has come…..Monday morning the diet begins

Having just had a meltdown about cooking dinner without sufficient help/enthusiasm/interest/concern over when/where/what we were going to be eating, tomorrow has been declared the 133137732710276028beginning of a war on the waist. The meltdown included a mega-moan at child due to be despatched to Uni in 8 months….you may well eat rubbish when you are not under my roof but until then…blah, blah, blah.

I never learn….eldest is away at University and still regularly consuming chicken nuggets and garlic bread, a diet I had hoped he would have kicked by aged 20! Entirely unfair to criticise No. 2 when No. 1 is a diet disaster. To be fair, number two child is a good eater if you force her but having an older sibling whose culinary fare is normally breaded and preceded with the word ‘Happy’ generally cannot be an easy act to follow. I find myself longing for the time I only have to cook to two, but deep down I am dreading the second departure.

Taking a moment to gush like a proud mother, I am proud of both my children for being hard-working, honest, determined, loyal good young people with a clear goal of where they hope to get to, and not afraid of the obstacles along the way. My plan when I became a Mum was to accept I would make loads of mistakes but bring them both up able to laugh at themselves and accept we can all be different. I have managegingerbread-226097_1280d to help bring two really good people into the world and regardless of what they achieve in their careers and lives I do you that they know the difference between right and wrong and how to be nice people.

I’m a nice person and that has got me far, in my business and generally in life when you least expect it.

Goodness, blogging is therapy/confession/secretdiary/FAB and ZERO calories!


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