A Tiny Bit More of Me….

I’m enjoying the anonymity of blogging anonymously, however I have been fortunate enough to have made some photographer-456833_1280lovely blog contacts on here. These lovely people have shared some funny stories and some personal and difficult stories. Their honesty has been touching and I feel awkward about being so vague about me. Whilst I don’t want to promote my name, business or let go of the freedom of anonymity I felt the need to update a tiny bit of me.

On this basis, I have altered my About page to acknowledge I am a professional photographer, and have altered my gravatar from the scary horse face to a little Lego photographer – Lego didn’t have a female photographer! Shame on them, sort this please Lego!

The rest of my online persona when I write badly and rant is all definitely me and when I comment and interact with all of you lovely people it is from the heart. Who needs a name to be friends eh? 🙂

Just call me Nest 🙂


4 thoughts on “A Tiny Bit More of Me….

    • Cheers hun, customers/clients can be strange folk. This way I can be honest and free and no one can accuse me of not being PC! Don’t confuse that with me seeing as an opportunity to be unpleasant – that is SO not in my nature believe me. x

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  1. Nice to meet (more) of you! I completely understand your desire for anonymity. I find myself editing what I write because I’m not anonymous.

    And I enjoyed learning you’re a dog lover! Me too! As long as no one in your house is allergic, I’m assuming you have dog(s). What kind, and what are their names? We have 2 Welsh Corgis–Wayne and Maggie. Maggie is Erin’s, so she’s my grand dog. And since our 27 and 28-year-old daughters–Erin’s younger sisters–are married to their careers at the moment, Maggie may be my only grand ANYTHING for a while! Thanks for sharing!


    • Really lovely to meet you too x I have a West Highland Terrier called Bailey and a Cavapoo (Ruby cavalier crossed with miniature poodle) called Addison…..spot the Grey’s Anatomy connection anyone? 🙂 Love Wayne and Maggie’s names. I call mine my furry children and think I’m a little way off grandchildren yet, thank goodness 🙂 I have a home office so mine are with me whenever I’m not out on a shoot. There is nothing more comforting than sleeping dogs under your desk when working 🙂

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