Popcorn and Pinot

My list would have instantly included Mannequin (love the theme song, it’s even on my wedding video – note VIDEO….that’s how long I’ve been married!), Pretty Woman, absolutely adore Pitch Perfect, love The Grand Budapest Hotel, love love love The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel, pretty much anything with Sandra Bullock and recently have dipped my toe into foreign movies. If you check out one single foreign subtitled film it HAS to be: The Intouchables – a truly inspirational and shout ‘yes’ at the screen and laugh out loud film. Rent it, buy it, watch it!

White Elephant in the Room

elephant_pinotpopcornPeople love to talk about movies – the talent, the writing, the singing skills of what’s-her-name. They will tweet it, blog it, and small-talk it over drinks. But ask someone to tell you their favorite movie and they’ll freeze up like you just handed them a life vest and an old VCR and shipped them off to the proverbial desert island with a single VHS tape. “My favorite movie?” they will reply incredulously as if the thought never occurred to them. And then they will mount the evidence to find your pointed question completely irrational.

They could give you their top ten, or their favorites from the last decade, or perhaps it would be make more sense to list one per genre, or broken down chronologically by the stages of their life. “There’s no way to pick my favorite movie” they’ll argue.

But once you get them going on their…

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