Sad, Sniffy & Surfing

I have been a bit under the weather since Tuesday but today it broke into a pathetic, I cannot possibly work/I feel sorry for myself/I’m really not well type of illness. Head pounding, throat like razor blades, nose oddly full of wallpaper paste and muscles aching in places I know I haven’t used muscles.ill-298909_1280

I know I work from home so most would say no big deal. However the journey to me reaching a point of agreeing I’m not well has taken three days. Three days of me not working wondering if I am going to be ill….Piscean trait I am told, that and medal-winning procrastination.

So as I type, I am now three days BEHIND on my work – all of which needs completing by Sunday evening at the very latest.

OK, I know I am entitled to be ill. Stupidity has taken centre stage on this and I have spent almost all day surfing the wonderful internet, reading fantastic blogs and reblogging onto my own. What’s the problem I hear you ask? Well my work was to process about a thousand images involving sitting for about sixteen hours in front of one of my Macs…..about half the length of time I have surfed, reblogged and read!

Now I feel Sad, Sniffy and RESENTFUL of my indulgent personality. I could have been halfway through the thousand images. The pressure is on tomorrow more than ever but how I can ensure I wake tomorrow morning, wallpaper paste free, pain free, and happier than right now?

All old wives tales/potions/ideas/bizarre theories welcome! Get me better by tomorrow please my ‘Blogbuddies’!

Over to you…..I have (misguided?!) faith in you all 🙂


4 thoughts on “Sad, Sniffy & Surfing

  1. I have no secret remedies but always find a thick slice of chocolate cake never makes anything worse! Now, no more blogging…get some rest!


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