AWOL….Mid Life Crisis Part Deux…at High Speed!

The last couple of months has been a bit of a blur. For nice reasons mostly, hubby hit a big birthday, as a result Parisarc-de-triomphe-514288_1920 beckoned and was fabulous. A few days later, nine days in the sun with our best friends….first holiday without children and we never stopped laughing.

Whilst away I had a birthday, not a special one resulting in a zero but ending in a 5 and it felt suddenly like I was officially middle aged or at worse beyond! That feeling that you may be over ‘halfway’ is not great and has a habit of hitting you when you least expect it!

No mid life crisis is complete without some expense or at best an impulsive purchase.

Mine resulted in a sports car…..I handed over my one year old MPV and drove away in a seven year old low mileage shiny Audi TT (and a cheque back for the difference!) – I haven’t smiled so much in years! I am officially ‘sad’ but ‘cool’ in my children’s eyes.

What next? Trade in hubby? Nah….he’s like favoured worn slippers or those amazing threadbare soft jammies you love – irreplaceable!

Next stop, a long haul holiday (and I hate flying!) for 2016 in celebration of our Silver wedding, along with our best friends too, also celebrating the same. I may have struggled with that strange birthday but it has made me realise life is short and needs to be enjoyed.

So apologies for my absence, but the days became weeks and they disappeared at high speed. I will endeavour to check in more frequently. Not because I think this should be read, but because blogging makes me slow down, take note and more appreciative.

When did my life start going much, much too fast? Was I so busy living it I didn’t notice the acceleration?


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